The Lying Game
20. Things. You. Don’t. Know. About. Me.

20. I’ve read the Harry Potter series over 15 times.

19. I have a gay twin brother named Landon.

18. I would do anything for my friends.

17. I’ve battled depression for many years.

16. My parents are recently divorced.

15. I have self image problems.

14. I was abused by my ex-boyfriend.

13. High school was the worst time of my life.

12. My boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend.

11. I have trust issues.

10. I am the middle child and I feel neglected.

09. I am obsessed with Twitter.

08. I hate college.

07. I’m extremely homesick.

06. My dream is to have a dance studio so I can influence young girls like my dance teachers influenced me.

05. I cut myself.

04. I dream of being skinny.

03. I think of dark things when I’m alone.

02. I’m afraid to be alone because I’m scared of what I’ll do to myself.

01. I want to love myself.

New Years Resolutions

#1. To love myself

#2. Be happy

#3. Find true love

#4. Be comfortable in my own skin

#5. To establish a better relationship with my mother..


I often wonder what I do to deserve this pain. What have I done to you? I thought you were my friend..

37522) I’m sick of having to glance at every reflective surface, judging myself, hating myself, no matter where I am. But more than that, I hate when I’m with other people at the time, and can’t break down and cry over how disgusting I am.
37525) I want to feel pretty.


I want to feel skinny. I want to be like those skinny girls that don’t worry about their weight and can eat anything they want without gaining a pound. I wanna be the skinny girl every guy drools over. Every time I want to eat, I force myself not to. My family’s worried, but I just can’t stop. Every time my boyfriend asks why I’m not eating, I tell him I don’t feel good. But I want to be able to eat with him. I just want to be skinny. Is that too much to ask for?

37530) I just want the shame, the guilt, the regret, the embarrassment to go away. I want to feel like I deserve something good.